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I maintain a Vimeo page with videos of my work and interests


This is a video of a Zoom talk I gave on my "Bins of Miscellany" Fall 2021 exhibit at the Century Association in New York City. In it I describe many pieces in detail—the origin of the parts and how they came together. All these works can be seen on my sculpture page.


In this video I talk about my memoir of growing up in mostly rural North and South Carolina from 1934 until leaving for the University of Chicago in 1951. The music is by Delbert McCall, a country preacher and song writer from my hometown, Walhalla, South Carolina. Delbert sings his songs and hymns and accompanies himself on the guitar.


After Bamiyan is a sculptural reflection on the empty spaces left in the cliffs of Bamiyan, Afghanistan following Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar's destruction of 6th century statues of Buddha in 2001. The video was made by composer Charles Gross, owner of the sculpture. He titled it CAVE because it reminded him of both Canyon de Chelly in Arizona and Bamiyan, Afghanistan. In the video he intersperses images of these two places with constantly changing views of my sculpture—all to the accompaniment of his haunting music.


For many years my wife and I have collected the paintings of Silas DeKind. This video is a collaborative survey of his works that composer Charles Gross and I assembled. I photographed dozens of his works and provided Kodachrome's of rural South Carolina taken by my late uncle, John Edward Hart in the 1940's. My friend Charlie Gross composed most of the music and made this video of Silas DeKind's unique paintings of his early life in coastal South Carolina.

The thumbnail painting above is how Silas imagined Emancipation Day.